Stephanie Sannuto

Architectural Technician – Bachelor of Interior Design, Intern Member if ARIDO

Start date with Lime:

March 8, 2021

Daily responsibilities:

Coordinate with clients to create designs that exemplify LIME’s creative aesthetics while ensuring the overall functionality is inline with each individual property. As a member of LIME’s team, it is also a keys aspect to ensure that each project conforms to local bylaws and BC Building codes to create a functional design that will be supported by the jurisdiction in which it resides.

Brings to the table at LIME:

With many years of education specializing in visual arts and Interior Design, I have a keen eye for materiality, colour concepts and overall design aesthetics. This allows me to create designs the are visually balanced, aesthetically pleasing and most importantly functional. I’ve always had an interest in accessibility and inclusive design; as a designer I aim to keep that in mind with every project I complete.

Outside of work:

Being new to the Okanagan Valley, I look forward to exploring what BC has to offer. While living in Ontario, I took advantage of what the GTA had to offer, while spending most of my free time in the Muskoka’s. I love getting out into nature and enjoy camping and kayaking; there is something about the peaceful and serene aspects of nature that draws me in. I am also an avid listener of music, with a wide range in taste; however, I tend to stick to my classic rock roots. My one true love is my 1979 Supra that I enjoy taking out in my free time and working to restore. (Unfortunately, she is currently still in Ontario, and I cannot wait to bring her here)

LIME Architecture Inc.

A driven team of creative professionals and devoted experts that strive to consistently deliver award-winning, world-class architectural services. Empowered by bold and iconic designs, we take pride in every step of our work, from the initial renders to the final keystone. We have a long-term relationship with the City of Kelowna, allowing us to move from the application to the build smoothly, no matter the scope.