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Carl’s Jr. Kamloops

Carl's Jr. Kamloops

Our work on the Kamloops Carl’s Junior is a proud addition to our green design projects. By choosing to do a renovation as opposed to a demolition and new construction, the client of this project has helped to eliminate a significant amount of debris from entering the local landfill. While a renovation can pose a certain set of design and construction challenges, we are always excited to go the extra mile for a client who is interested in lessening their impact on the earth. At ADS, we see the extra challenges of a renovation project as a means for pushing us to produce a better, more interesting final product with clever solutions. We feel that good design not only solves a problem, but at the same time creates an interesting experience for those who partake in the solution.

Through this mentality of wanting to produce better design, that we have produced unique solutions to a challenging site with a weighty list of requirements. We were able to add more parking stalls, maximize the interior space of the updated restaurant and include moments of landscaping to soften the parking lot and drive-thru experience.