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Moksha Yoga Studio

Moksha Yoga Studio

Moksha Yoga Studio: A tranquil urban yoga oasis.

PROJECT: Moksha Yoga

TYPE: Commercial yoga studio

LOCATION: Pandosy Street, Kelowna

STATUS: Completed

With its cool colour palate of rich blues and bright whites, inviting, open design and stunning water feature wall, a visit to Moksha Yoga brings to mind a day at the seaside. That beach-like feel is just what the client was looking for.

The vision: Collaborate with a local interior design firm, and use a range of environmentally sensitive techniques and construction materials to transform an empty commercial space into a calm and inviting urban yoga oasis.

The result: A fresh, bright space grounded in a deep respect for the earth where natural materials such as wood and cork contrast with white painted walls and polished concrete floors for a beautiful, but durable and functional, yoga studio.