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Canada is in a housing crisis

Affordability and supply have not kept up with demand.

The Solution is Simple

  • Maximize single family and duplex properties with our novel solution
  • Join the 1000s of homeowners who have benefited from this solution
  • Why 4 plexes and 6 plexes are the future
  • Let us guide you through the Province of British Columbia’s new Policies and Site Standards that support multi-unit infill housing on small residential lots

Infill Housing to Mitigate Urban Sprawl

Our winning design for the “Infill Challenge” by the City of Kelowna will help local communities increase density and sustainability for years to come

There are few projects that reflect and combine both the vision and values of LIME Architecture Inc. as closely as the City of Kelowna MF1 zone.  Our team is proud to have been recognized by the City of Kelowna as one of the 2 winning design solutions submitted to the City through the City’s Infill Challenge.  The City’s decision to hold an open design challenge in their effort to develop a new infill housing zone for the City of Kelowna was both innovative and visionary.  The City’s long range approach to MF1 is grounded by a sustainable vision of using existing developable land more efficiently thereby reducing the impact of urban sprawl.  By opening the competition to the local design and build community, the City was able to take the pulse of current trends and preferences locally toward urban design that will help ensure positive local reception and overall success.

Our Latest Work

Award Winning Designs by LIME Architecture!

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Our Simple Process

Be Ready BEFORE June 2024!

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Must Read

Be Ready BEFORE June 2024!

Must Read this MAJOR ZONING CHANGE: Provincial Policy Manual & Site Standards

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90 of our Designs Realized already in Kelowna, BC.

Our Options

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Proven Multi-Unit Housing Designs

Coming Soon!

LIME Architecture Infill Homes Division is working with municipalities and the BC Government to ensure our designs comply with the new Provincial Policy Manual and Site Standards for Small-Scale, Multi-Unit Housing (SSMUH). Once bylaws have been updated, LIME will be making some of our most popular multi-unit housing designs available for purchase.

Potential property developers should visit our site regularly starting in January 2024 for the latest updates and additional information.