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Chief Operating Officer

Kim Malanowich


As a highly motivated individual with a strong business mindset, Kim has a background in development and administrative management. Her previous role as a purchasing manager in manufacturing helped her to develop a keen eye for detail and an analytical mindset. Kim joined LIME Architecture in 2016 in an administrative role, and after contributing directly to the company’s business strategy and overall growth, she advanced to become LIME’s COO.  Kim oversees all aspects of the organization, including financial management, strategic planning, and business operations.  With a passion for accounting and finance, Kim’s ambitions have contributed to consistent growth at LIME while also leading her to pursue a CPA designation.  Working with the dynamic, driven team at LIME has contributed to her dedication and enthusiasm for success.

Outside of the office, Kim is a dedicated volunteer at the West Kelowna Food Bank. As an avid traveller, Kim is inspired by exploring new cultures and landscapes around the world.  From Bosnia to Bora Bora, Kim immerses herself in diverse experiences that enrich her life with unforgettable memories.