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Kelowna Micro Homes & Architecturally Distinct Solutions

What Are Micro Homes?

Have you ever wondered how micro homes have become such a worldwide phenomenon? Trying to wrap your head around living in a space similar to the size of a garden shed can be a bit much to initially comprehend.  Imagine, a streamlined, organized space that enables you to simultaneously thrive as you relax. Tiny homes are on the rise for a variety of attractive reasons. As our global population increases and our land dwindles, micro homes are gaining popularity. Architecturally Distinct Solutions (ADS) in Kelowna knows it is possible to have every imaginable amenity, strategically designed within 300 to 400 square feet! Meticulous measurements combined with heaps of creativity and decades of experience to create the ultimate lower-footprint living with grand design and superior efficiency. Here are some of the top reasons why micro homes are fun, logical and unique:

  • Less space, less possessions, less stress
  • Greener, lower-footprint living
  • Ability to splurge on materials and finishes
  • More affordable than larger, draftier, older homes

Micro Home Zen Serenity Style

Let’s be honest…how much precious time are you wasting looking for your keys, your library books, your mismatched socks? Even if you pride yourself on efficiency and organization, we all have to clean our homes (or pay someone to do it for us). How much time and money are you spending each year on a closet full of cleaners and chemicals? Probably not as much as you are spending on spontaneous purchases or disposable and environmentally harmful items. Micro homes revitalize our lifestyle while maximizing innovative solutions to simplify our lives and increase our quality of life. Architecturally Distinct Solutions embraces your design desires. Just think of all the time and energy you will save when every item has its’ specific place! Adapting to live with less can free up more time, money and peace of mind than you ever considered!


Micro Homes Deliver Compact Innovation

It can be easy for anyone to become overwhelmed with the upkeep, landscaping and daily cleaning that comes with a larger, traditionally-sized house. Clutter mischievously multiplies and tension can permeate a disorganized, inefficient and chaotic space. Architecturally Designed Solutions in Kelowna understands that environmental impact, style, functionality and livability highly define any project. We love to help our clients take the leap into turning their dreams into a functional and environmentally sustainable reality. We take pride in infusing their personality throughout the custom design process. From ingenious storage solutions and pet-friendly options to bathtubs that instantly turn into another bed, it may be time for all of us to reconsider the potential that micro homes have. Diversified designs, multi-functional components and ingenious concepts harmonize together to create the ideal abode. Bring your dreams to Architecturally Designed Solutions and let us help you create the serene and spacious design you have been dreaming about.

High-End Furnishings Go Far In Your Micro Home

One of the best things our clients enjoy is the financial freedom that comes alongside building a micro home as opposed to a macro. Due to the massive difference in square footage, quality materials are much more affordable. If you love specific woods, stones, tiles, and high-quality finishes, the possibilities are endless with your new micro home. Downsizing is the wave of the future; especially as we build upwards instead of outwards. Cities like Vancouver, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and London have been revolutionizing our ideas with micro homes and hotels alike. Our city is enjoying thriving interest in what could soon become the new family norm. Stop spending endless hours searching for your keys or losing yourself in your stuff. Embrace the value of time saved in cleaning alone!


Design Your Next Architectural Project With ADS!

Collaboration with our clients is an integral part of our process. We’d love to meet together and discuss the possibilities of your imagination combined with our expertise. Our talented team is excited to hear what you have in mind. Together, we can create more sustainable and environmentally friendly residential and commercial options.