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Densification Archives - LIME Architecture inc.

Global Flooding and Architecture: What Can Venice Teach Us?

We don’t have to look around the world very far to hear about the latest global flooding and architecture catastrophes. Venice has been in the news a ton lately regarding high tides that are causing chaos. Of course, flood-prone locations and cities built below sea-level such as New Orleans and coastal cities such as San […]

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Kelowna Architect’s RU7 Homes Add Density With Award-Winning Design

Kelowna has been booming in every neighbourhood from the downtown core to the outskirts of Kettle Valley, through to the Glenmore Highlands and many locations in between. Older residential areas, including streets around Kelowna General Hospital are being rezoned to include more multi-family dwellings on existing single dwelling properties. The Infill Challenge offered by the […]

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How Kelowna’s Downtown is Meeting Modern Architecture

The design of Kelowna’s Downtown is based upon the separation of four distinct districts: the cultural district, residential district, business district, and historic & entertainment district. It is important for Kelowna to retain its individual character and the identity of each area in order to reflect Kelowna’s ‘brand’ to tourists and residents alike. Further, having […]

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