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Kelowna Architect’s RU7 Homes Add Density With Award-Winning Design

Kelowna has been booming in every neighbourhood from the downtown core to the outskirts of Kettle Valley, through to the Glenmore Highlands and many locations in between. Older residential areas, including streets around Kelowna General Hospital are being rezoned to include more multi-family dwellings on existing single dwelling properties. The Infill Challenge offered by the City a few years ago has provided many qualifying areas the chance to revamp their infrastructure to become more desirable for every walk of life. Architecturally Distinct Solutions is proud to offer award-winning designs to help the city build up and not out. Mitigating urban sprawl is a common theme in a variety of growing cities around the globe. People want to live close to their families, their work, their schools and amenities without having to spend hours in traffic commuting. Discover how the RU7 zones are helping the City of Kelowna accomplish the never-ending housing task for everyone from baby boomers to young families and university students alike find accommodation within the central Okanagan.

Changing Lifestyles & RU7 Zoning Attraction

The real estate prices within the Okanagan continue to rise as more people relocate here to our desirable location. Regardless, if you are born and bread and looking to establish roots of your own, or have recently moved to Kelowna due to the housing crisis and unaffordability of the Lower Mainland, more people are choosing our sunny locale and pristine lakeside city to call home. There has been an influx of younger people moving here to attend UBC or other post-secondary education that decide they don’t want to leave after graduation. There are retirees from all over the globe deciding that this is where they want to be. Having a well-rounded hospital and one of the busiest airports in Canada is significantly attractive. Offering esthetically pleasing and functional housing that is built to beautifully accommodate every stage of life is something that Architecturally Distinct Solutions is passionate about.


Stylish Multi-Family Hallmarks of RU7 Neighbourhoods

Whether you personally support urban densification or not, the City of Kelowna has committed to building up instead of further out, transforming the look of some existing neighbourhoods. Many homeowners within the current RU7 zones welcome the opportunity to remove an older, in-efficient single family dwelling to replace it with two to four residences on the same parcel of land. In terms of increasing your investment, this can definitely be seen as a positive option for homeowners considering selling or redeveloping their existing property. Helping more people call Kelowna home in a stylish, affordable manner while reducing the carbon footprint with more efficient designs are just some of the goals behind these projects. More families living within the same lot can offer opportunities for clients of all ages. Creating a more dynamic urban environment that is inclusive of individuals in all walks of life can be beneficial for a variety of reasons. Broader housing options within existing neighbourhoods including streets near KGH can help retirees, young families and students alike find practical housing solutions.

Kelowna Architect ‘s Award-Winning RU7 Designs Can Save You Money

There are two vital stages for homeowners to undergo to become eligible for development approval in the City of Kelowna. A Development Permit and a Building Permit are required prior to building within the RU7 zone. The Development Engineering Team may require a bond prior to issuing your building permit due to the development approval process. Applications are assessed for possible sewer and water upgrades, frontage fee upgrades and other costs related with building the new homes. Using our winning RU7 submission to the Infill Challenge can expedite the approval. Additionally, you will not require a Development permit, potentially saving you between 4 and 12 weeks in time and $930.00 in application fees. At the time of application, a 30K bond is required. People are welcome to contact us or the City of Kelowna’s Application Centre for more details.



Is RU7 Rezoning Right For You?

Single-family homes often take more maintenance and time to care for. Mobility issues, lifestyle and affordability are some of the key reasons more homeowners are deciding to reconsider what type of home will best suit their needs. Our units have been thoughtfully designed to create a welcoming and spacious vibe, complete with privacy landscaping and drought resistant plants! We would love to hear what you have in mind for revamping your RU7 property.

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