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Global Flooding and Architecture: What Can Venice Teach Us?

We don’t have to look around the world very far to hear about the latest global flooding and architecture catastrophes. Venice has been in the news a ton lately regarding high tides that are causing chaos.

Of course, flood-prone locations and cities built below sea-level such as New Orleans and coastal cities such as San Diego,  and throughout Australia and Asia are bound to suffer some of the worst-case-scenario.

Architecturally Distinct Solutions understands that global flooding and architecture go hand-in-hand. Many of the affected cities such as Venice are ancient. They were designed and built prior to the term global warming or climate change.

Governments in cities with historical value often spend their available resources preserving what is left; not amending the dire situation. The latest news statements announced that the city of Venice was between 69% to 85% flooded.

How will global flooding and architecture survive? Or will they? Regardless of which coastal city you reside in, time is running out faster than scientists predicted. Today’s architects are tasked with building a better world as opposed to simply creating a better building.

Global Flooding and Architecture: Venice Is Predicted To Disappear

If you have not yet had the luxury to visit Venice, your Kelowna architect recommends traveling there sooner than later! Stunning architecture, glorious arches, the Bridge Of Sighs and St. Mark’s Square are simply a few of the breathtaking tourism sights and experiences to behold. High water or “aqua alta,” could potentially ruin your travel plans so be sure to plan your trip as accurately as possible and take the forecast into account.

Discover glass blowing with a fun and informative day trip to the Island of Murano and be sure to indulge in delicious local cuisine and Italian coffee. Depending on the weather and the water however, you may need to pack or purchase some hip waders to facilitate a simple walk.

Numerous canals are unusable with traditional boat transportation since the city with 400 bridges has to adjust many aspects of daily life when boats are unable to pass underneath.


Architectural Flood Barriers & Global Flooding

Trying to remedy years of saltwater erosion, high tides and a water level that is currently six meters higher than it was when Venice began 1600 years ago is no small task.

Can architectural flood barriers save the city? This technology is transitioning all of the time as new materials and designs are developed. The question is…will it be enough? Can global flooding and architecture find a way to harmonize?

Venice began the construction of its latest flood protection in 2003.

Conversely, London’s Thames Barrier was constructed in 1974. If the forecasts of global flooding have been completely underestimated will architecture be able to save our world’s most historical cities and waterside locations?

Contact Architecturally Distinct Solutions For Your Next Project

We have our own local flooding issues in Kelowna, Peachland and other Okanagan cities. Thankfully, the cities themselves are in no danger of being washed away. However, certain homes, buildings, parkland and commercial spaces have already been threatened.

If you are considering building a new building or are looking to update an existing property to create secure peace of mind, ADS would love to be involved.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help mitigate flooding with your Okanagan property. We can learn from global flooding and architecture to make our own locations safer and more secure.