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Designing Your Ultimate Okanagan Dock

  Summer storms, intense wind, and excessive flooding can take their toll on your Okanagan dock. Any type of property damage can be a stressful and expensive ordeal. And, waiting for insurance claims and deciding if it is worth taking a hit on your policy are other factors to consider. Architecturally Distinct Solutions can help […]

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Passive House Design Is Changing The Future Of Building

Architecturally Distinct Solutions Inc. (ADS) is proud to offer “Certified Passive House Designer” services as part of our team’s ongoing commitment to environmentally responsible building design. Matt Johnston’s recent certification is timely as building codes begin to adopt what is known as the “Energy Step Code” with the ultimate goal of ensuring all new homes […]

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Architecturally Symmetrical Examples We Adore

Symmetry is a significant component when it comes to attraction. Psychological tests over the years have shown that people are often drawn to those who have symmetrical facial features. When we interpret balance, harmony and flow, we feel at ease and relaxed. It is no wonder then that in the world of architecture, symmetry has […]

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