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Passive House Design Is Changing The Future Of Building

Architecturally Distinct Solutions Inc. (ADS) is proud to offer “Certified Passive House Designer” services as part of our team’s ongoing commitment to environmentally responsible building design. Matt Johnston’s recent certification is timely as building codes begin to adopt what is known as the “Energy Step Code” with the ultimate goal of ensuring all new homes designed and built by 2032 are net zero ready through progressively more energy efficient homes designs (steps). Net zero is the idea that a home produces at least as much energy as it consumes, and the team at ADS is embracing the movement toward energy efficiency in home design and building and invites anyone considering an energy efficient home visit our offices to discuss in more detail.

Uniting With Passive House Canada

Initially founded in 2013 as the Canadian Passive House Institute West, Passive House Canada (Passivhaus) became a national organization in 2016. These energy efficient standards are revolutionizing the construction and design industries by creating rigorous voluntary energy-based criteria and standards. Implementing creative and innovative designs can help professionals, governments, homeowners and industries rethink energy consumption as our planet faces global warming and other environmental dangers. Everyone can benefit from responsible building designs, lower emissions and a reduced footprint. Through education and building projects, the company hopes to showcase better alternatives to conventional designs. Passive House design can positively reduce energy savings from sixty to seventy percent by removing the conventional heating and cooling requirements.


Reducing Energy Consumption With Passive House Design

Imagine a new standard of building that benefits the planet. This is one of the goals of the Passive House high-performance building standard. Passive House has been internationally recognized for providing the best way to build any type of dwelling, residence, commercial, industrial or institutional applications. Items including solar heating, strategic window placement, shade solutions and more! Utilizing natural solutions and harnessing the energy within a building dramatically reduces heating and cooling requirements and overall energy consumption.

Certified Passive House Designer Services

Architecturally Distinct Solutions in Kelowna thrives on helping clients achieve their design dreams. More people are becoming passionate about creating more sustainable building designs. Adopting these standards can positively influence your finances and your carbon footprint. ADS specializes in all facets of building design. We would love to be involved in your next project. Adopting these principals into your next build will help ensure you are in a positive position once the Energy Step Code becomes standard. We would love to hear what ideas you have in mind for your residential, commercial, industrial or institutional building. It is estimated that conventional buildings account for approximately forty percent of global energy use and emit approximately thirty percent of greenhouse emissions.


Contact ADS For Your Passive House Design Solutions Today!

The time to change our ways is catching up with our planet. Imagine enjoying approximately ninety percent less heating and cooling energy consumption with your new Passive House design. Regardless, if you are in the market for building your dream home, your ideal lakeside cabin, a commercial condominium, new winery or any item in between, we are happy to discuss the possibilities of Passive House design with you!

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