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Architecturally Symmetrical Examples We Adore

Symmetry is a significant component when it comes to attraction. Psychological tests over the years have shown that people are often drawn to those who have symmetrical facial features. When we interpret balance, harmony and flow, we feel at ease and relaxed. It is no wonder then that in the world of architecture, symmetry has been a big deal since the dawn of time. Architecturally Distinct Solutions in Kelowna celebrates the influence symmetry has on designs of yesteryear through to today. From the ancient pyramids in Egypt to the Taj Mahal, all the way to the Canadian Parliament, there is an abundance of beauty to behold. Some of the reasons symmetrical designs became so prominent include:

  • Creating a centre of gravity for the tower or vertical portion of the design
  • Establishing stability, balance and harmony
  • Unifies the structure as a whole


Mathematical Symmetry & Geometric Dominance

While there are plenty of gorgeous creations of course that thrive on being asymmetrical, there is an even composition found in the buildings that exude a symmetrical layout. When construction components mirror one another across an axis, symmetry is created. Images of grand palaces and towering churches often come to mind. Many famous architects and designers decide to take this effect even further by implementing a moat or man-made lake along the front of the building to create a beckoning reflection. This reflective symmetry is often photographed due to its’ enchanting effect.

Symmetry & The Perception Of Larger Space

Architecturally Distinct Solutions has been fortunate to be involved with a variety of residential, commercial and industrial designs. Symmetry creates a logical flow that immediately puts people at ease. This design feature often comes into play when we are building from scratch or redesigning a space. Our RU7 residential drawings show how strategically placed windows, doors and roof peaks can create a harmonious and welcoming design. These are key components that contribute to creating a congenial space. Repetitive patterns are familiar and easy for our brain to memorize on certain levels. Leaving no doubt where to enter or exit a facility and creating a pleasing aesthetic that one would want to enter in the first place are some of the reasons why this ancient architectural practice is still so widely prevalent in many of today’s designs.


Architecturally Distinct Solutions In Kelowna Designs Results

If you are considering rendering new drawings to help fulfill a dream build, we can help you take your goals to the next level. Experience the difference of working with a dedicated team that has decades of experience turning residential, commercial and industrial dreams into reality. Adding on to your existing space or starting from the ground up provides us with a variety of options to explore. We work closely with our clients in order to facilitate a smooth transition from wants and needs to functional creativity. Enjoy letting your imagination roam and letting us work out the fine details of your ultimate design. Contact ADS in Kelowna today to get started!