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Ongoing Architectural Trends for 2020  

As we get further into the year, some predicted trends fall by the wayside while others dominate the market. Architectural trends are constantly shifting and changing as the current definition for what it means to be “modern” also changes throughout the year. Here are a few of the major trends we’ve noticed that you should take note of for your home projects. 

Living room with architectural industrial design

Architectural Trends: Industrial Design 

Industrial design is a common trend this year. Because recycled materials are becoming more common, they’re a common element incorporated into industrial design along with iron, wood, and aluminum used as building materials. As a result, costs are often brought down in construction due to how much more affordable these materials are.  

Using Technology to Make Homes “Smart” 

As technology further integrates with our lives, so does it with our homes as wellSmart speakers like the Google Home or Amazon Alexa are being used to control home’s lights or media, and smart thermostats and locks can detect when you’re away from home and act accordingly to keep you safe and save you money. Additionally, almost all TVs that are being produced come with “smart” features of being able to be connected to the internet and other streaming services. Technology has just become more of a staple in many of our homes and shows no signs of that changing anytime soon.  

Open Space That’s Used for Multiple Purposes 

The use of more open spaces has been a common trend over the last few years and it continues to be a popular choice for many. Decorating a room with a similar style between art and home decor will help keep design cohesive between all your elements and make it feel like more of a “complete” open space.  

One of the most popular choices is to integrate your kitchen and living room. Not only is this easier for entertaining guests, but it also makes your home feel a little larger as well. 

Creating a Kitchen That Dominates 

Speaking of kitchens, they are becoming one of the “protagonists” of many people’s homes as they’re often becoming more of pseudo living rooms in a way. Kitchen islands are particularly popular choice not only for guests to gather around but also as a quick hub to access essentials while preparing a meal.  

Of course, combining your kitchen with an open-space design to your living room following the aforementioned trend to keep your parties all in one place is an excellent combination. 

Making the Bathroom More Than Just Space You Do Your Business 

While many bathrooms serve only a few purposes of showering, doing your business, and cleaning up, 2020 trends are moving away from that. The bathroom is turning into a place you can also relax. 

For instance, this includes adding elements like a sauna, or even something like a dedicated medication space to unwind at the end of a long day of work 

Design-wise, using light white colours and tiles are trendy to complement the room to make it an area of calmness and relaxation. 

Technology is easily one of the most prominent trends and will only continue to do so in 2020, so watch for what other home improvements you can make to your home. Another couple of key trends are making homes net-zero ready and incorporating more environmentally-friendly materials in both building and décor in homes too. The year isn’t over yet, and there are plenty of innovative trends that are sure to surprise and delight before December 31 rolls around. 



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