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Zesty Kitchen Makeover Ideas From a Passive Design Architect

Aside from your bedroom, your kitchen is probably one of the mostused spaces in your home. But who says it can’t be an expression of you or match your home and done so in a ‘green’ way? We’ve put together some fun ideas for a kitchen makeover to make it as zesty as the dishes you’re serving up in it. 

First Step in a Kitchen Makeover: Using Sustainable Building Materials 

You’ll want to plan not only what sort of materials you’ll want to use in your kitchen makeover, but also how you could use sustainable materials. Consider the environmental impact purchasing these materials would have and the economic impact as well over their lifespan. Some good choices that look great include low-VOC plywood backed cabinets instead of pressboard or particle board, and solid wood countertops. 

Take into account how the materials are actually made as well. The end product might be ‘green but the process used to make it might be more damaging to the environment. 

Overall, you can make the biggest environmentally-friendly impact by using the fewest materials possible when building though.  

Replacing Kitchen Components With Ones Made of Recycled Parts 

Recycling is one of the easiest ways to make a ‘green’ impact on the environment and manufacturers have realized this too. You can buy faucets, countertops, flooring and many more that are all made from some kind of recycled material. They are often more economical toomaking them an affordable option for those who are doing a kitchen makeover on a budget.  

Many of these components made from recycled materials also have a unique aesthetic that can complement your kitchen design. For instance, recycled glass countertops have pieces of glass in them that can add a splash of colour to your kitchen. 

Environmentally friendly kitchen

Purchasing Efficient Appliances 

We don’t mean just go out and purchase all new appliances just so that they’re more energy-efficient. However, if your appliances are on their last legs maybe it’s time for an upgrade. Refrigerators are a great place to improve on your energy footprint as many new models offer energy efficiency. Dishwashers are another, using better jet streams to get the same clean results while using less water. The same is also true for faucets.  

One newer piece of technology can be especially environmentally friendly: induction cooktops. They do require specific pots and pans that can only be used on them, but they are more energy-efficient than both electric and gas stoves as they use magnetic induction that results in very minimal amounts of wasted heat. Plus, they won’t burn your hand if the element is touched. 

There are a plethora of options available to have a kitchen makeover that is environmentally-friendly. You can not only have a trendy kitchen by the end of your renovations but also one that has minimally impacted the environment and is potentially more energy-efficient than before as well. 



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