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Ongoing Architectural Trends for 2020  

As we get further into the year, some predicted trends fall by the wayside while others dominate the market. Architectural trends are constantly shifting and changing as the current definition for what it means to be “modern” also changes throughout the year. Here are a few of the major trends we’ve noticed that you should take note […]

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Functionalism & Modern Architecture in the Okanagan Valley

Many of the buildings we see around us today were created by following the tenets of popular architectural movements from the post-war era. During that time period, lavish ornamentation and decoration was sidelined as the need for practical structures that were economical and practical, yet sturdy and capable of standing the test of time became […]

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The Importance of Art in Modern Architecture

  “If it is correct that logic is the basis of the creator’s slightest reasoning, I believe it must not be allowed to interfere with one’s dreams” – Victor Horta   Logic and Architecture Much of the architecture that we appreciate today has derived its inspiration from unlikely sources. When you look at the buildings […]

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