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Floating Architecture & BC Boat House Solutions

Living on the water is many peoples’ dream. While floating homes and houseboats may not be a year-round option on Okanagan Lake, many locations in BC support floating architecture communities. Architecturally Distinct Solutions in Kelowna can help you design your ultimate abode.

Tiny Homes & Floating Architecture


The tiny home revolution is on the rise all around the globe. As our population booms and landmass continues to disappear, it could be a matter of time before more houseboats and floating homes become the norm. Ingenious designs with ample storage, loads of natural light and high ceilings are some of the popular items to consider.


Amphibious Architecture & Rising Sea Levels


Architects across the globe are trying to tackle the uncertainty of our planet with strategic and adaptable designs. With many traditional homes being built in flood plains or by the water, many of these areas are susceptible to flooding or disappearing underwater. Having a house that can withstand water and become amphibious may prove to be a safer investment in the long run.


Partially Submerged Floating Homes


Part of your design process will be to decide how you want each space to function. Rooftop decks and patios could provide a relaxing space to take in the view. Of course, partially submerged aspects could be equally intriguing. Imagine having a view of the fish and the waves at bedtime or during meals!


Solar-Powered Sailing


Of course, a huge part of the tiny home concept and floating architecture relates to lowering our footprint. Solar-powered sailing has become a popular way to go in many countries. ADS proudly offers Passive House certification for any design. You can enjoy the possibility of having a green houseboat or floating home with our expertise. Many clients prefer having the ability to sail to new locations and the ability to easily travel to shore for maintenance and winterization. Whatever your vision, our creative team is excited to help you tackle your dreams and help you turn them into reality.


From Europe To Japan, Floating Architecture Is Making Waves


Some of the best designs are being shared from all over the globe. Many countries embrace their natural relationship with the tides and use them to their advantage. Floating homes are an exciting possibility to behold. It enables us to combine all of our favourite tiny home features with some waterfront panache. Imagine fishing or swimming from your house! We would love to hear which designs you are attracted to and what features would best suit your lifestyle. The bonus of working with a passionate architecture team is that you get to create a masterpiece to live, work and play in.


Contact ADS For Your Floating Architecture Design Dreams Today!


Whether you need help creating a place to live, a floating business, a skookum new dock or boathouse water garage solution, we would love to be on board!

Contact Architecturally Distinct Solutions, your favourite Kelowna Architect today for more information on all facets of floating architecture!