Building the Green Cities of Tomorrow, Today with Passive House Design

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The Green Cities of Tomorrow, Today

There are plenty of reasons to build green cities. Combating climate change, creating comfort in your neighbourhood, and enhancing natural features (instead of fighting against them) are just a few of them. And since two-thirds of the world’s population will likely live in urban areas by 2050, many cities (like these ones) are working to […]

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Floating Architecture & BC Boat House Solutions

Living on the water is many peoples’ dream. While floating homes and houseboats may not be a year-round option on Okanagan Lake, many locations in BC support floating architecture communities. Architecturally Distinct Solutions in Kelowna can help you design your ultimate abode. Tiny Homes & Floating Architecture   The tiny home revolution is on the […]

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Cottage House Design: Retire or Vacation In Style

  Is this the summer you are building your Okanagan lakeside cottage? Take these design concepts into account when creating your custom house plans with ADS. Creating a well thought out plan in terms of layout, design, accessibility, resale value and your carbon footprint go a long way in terms of maximizing your enjoyment and […]

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Minimalist Architecture Designs For Serenity At Home & Work

Architecture has the ability to transform our perception, our organizational skills, and our lives. Minimalist architecture designs are becoming more prevalent in today’s expanding society. Having more and “keeping up with the Jones” is exhausting, superficial and time-consuming. Spending endless amounts of cash on the latest and greatest things, toys and experiences often leave many […]

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