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She Shed, He Shed Designs: Expanding Your Exterior

Having a quiet little space to call your own is something many people dream about. Trying to convert a room in the basement or the attic may work well depending on who else shares your abode. However, if you are residing with small children, noisy teenagers or elderly relatives who prefer listening to the TV at high volume, it can be tricky to concentrate or get anything creative or important accomplished! Architecturally Distinct Solutions in Kelowna has your shed designs, she sheds and man cave solutions! Embrace the back yard, side yard or any extra space with a functional, sweet space you can enjoy! Popular ideas include:

  • A home office
  • A woodworking shop
  • A soapmaking space
  • A winemaking studio
  • A hobby room
  • A gardener’s paradise
  • A backyard bar with patio
  • An art studio
  • A writer’s room
  • A technology den
  • A guest suite
  • Outdoor kitchen and so much more!

Shed Designs That Reflect Your Needs

Sometimes, our goals and dreams surpass our current living space. This is quite common as our interests and families expand. No problem! ADS loves the challenge of creatively customizing your shed design to seamlessly fit in and enhance your exterior space. We listen to our clients to understand their needs, budgets and concerns. We discuss how adding this space can add value to your property while providing you with peace of mind. Strategic placement and design can transform your dreams into an impressive new reality.


Dining Shed Designs & Backyard Bars

Having a covered space to enjoy your backyard beauty with a functional purpose has become one of the most popular shed designs and transformations. Whether you are tired of trying to brew your craft beer in a closet or the laundry room or wishing to entertain more outside, this concept has become an exciting new way to entertain guests. Outdoor patios are a common feature in many Okanagan backyards. Why not create your own bistro space and the perfect patio? Architecturally Distinct Solutions has some phenomenal ideas to help you maximize your outdoor living space!

Surrounded By Nature: Shed Designs Welcome Natural Light

You don’t have to plant a greenhouse to utilize glass, polycarbonate or plastic windows. Many people start with salvaged windows and doors with sentimental meaning and design their abode around the lighting factor. Other homeowners prefer solar options and chandeliers. The options are endless and provide a great opportunity for you to view your trees, flowers and wildlife from the comfort of your own creative and energizing new space.

Finding Inspiration For Your Shed Design

It is essential to think about why you are creating this place and what you envision doing from within. If a quiet place to paint is on your list, natural light will be vital. If you enjoy rocking out while you study or re-pot plants, wireless speakers may be something to consider. If you plan on doubling your shed design into a guest room, bedding with storage may be something to consider. The more details you have about your electrical needs and, how much storage you will require can help you determine how big your shed design will need to be to suit your needs. Perhaps, you are seeking a two-level situation with a roof-top patio? Maybe a rancher style with zero steps is more your style? Whatever you have in mind, ADS can draw up some stellar plans to help you make the most of your yard.

Contact Architecturally Distinct Solutions today to start on your ideal he-shed, she shed designs! We love hearing your creative ideas and transforming them into a tangible project. We look forward to speaking with you soon!