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Why Your Multi-Family Home Should Have Stone Architecture

When it comes to building materials, you have a swath of options to choose from, but stone architecture can be one of the best. Stone is one of the most versatile materials out there and provides significant benefits to choosing it over other materials. Plus, it adds a modern polished look.

We provide a breakdown of the benefits of it below.

Stone Architecture Is Durable

There’s a reason why stone continues to be a popular building material: it lasts. The natural properties of stone allow it to endure repeated traffic and use which makes it the perfect building material. Slate, limestone, travertine, and granite in particular age especially well.

Because stone lasts for so long, it can potentially end up being an environmentally-friendly material. However, if you’re looking to minimize your environmental impact, choose salvaged stone. Alternatively, manufactured stone is another option that’s made from concrete and is virtually identical.

Excavator moving recycled stone for stone architecture

Natural Stone Is Recyclable

Unlike other materials, stone can be recycled for later use. Using recycled stone reduces environmental impact and the need for other things like water or power other building materials may need.

Older stone architecture can be broken down and used in materials like roads, retaining walls, or even exterior facades. Old flat stones can be repurposed for mosaic use or other design features. Stone “scraps” can even be used for art pieces or feature pieces in a home.

Because of this, recycled stone is an excellent choice of material for building.

It’s Easy to Take Care of and Maintain

Wood is an excellent building material, but depending on how it’s used it can require consistent maintenance. Stone and stone architecture, on the other hand, will last for many years with minimal maintenance.

Most stone just needs basic dishwashing soap and washcloth to clean. For specific types, there are dedicated cleaners available. Typically, they are very affordable and are made with being sustainable and environmentally-friendly in mind.

Stone architecture adds a unique element to your home. It’s easy to maintain and can even be recycled down to be used for different purposes. You can also buy pre-recycled materials to reduce your environmental impact without any loss in the quality of materials as well.



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