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Global Flooding and Architecture: What Can Venice Teach Us?

We don’t have to look around the world very far to hear about the latest global flooding and architecture catastrophes. Venice has been in the news a ton lately regarding high tides that are causing chaos. Of course, flood-prone locations and cities built below sea-level such as New Orleans and coastal cities such as San […]

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House Plans For Multi-Purpose Millennial Style

The world is evolving and so is the way we live. Excessive square footage and inefficient home designs are on their way out. Organized, multi-purpose spaces within the urban hub are becoming the norm in terms of millennial house plans and home design. Creatively having access to everything you need within a streamlined and minimalist […]

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Passive House Design Is Changing The Future Of Building

Architecturally Distinct Solutions Inc. (ADS) is proud to offer “Certified Passive House Designer” services as part of our team’s ongoing commitment to environmentally responsible building design. Matt Johnston’s recent certification is timely as building codes begin to adopt what is known as the “Energy Step Code” with the ultimate goal of ensuring all new homes […]

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