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2021 New Architectural Styles and Trends You Can Expect to See

The new year brings with it a restart and refreshes on many new trends and new architectural styles while others continue to cement themselves in both design and construction. For example, with the environment in a consistent focus nowadays, sustainable design is no longer a feature, but a trend that continues to be present, year-over-year.

Below we’ve put together some of the main styles and trends you can expect to see continue and start to take shape in 2021.

New Architectural Styles: Industrial Design in Homes

Whether it’s the use of plumbing legs in tables or more raw fixtures, expect to see industrial design in home interiors become a popular 2021 trend. Iron, wood, aluminum, and even recycled plastic all are at the forefront as picks for materials and often have the added bonus of reducing construction costs as a result.

Further Development and Implementation of “Smart Homes”

With smart speakers able to control more in our homes than ever before and smart plugs affordable options to help us easily control our own home “smart homes” are becoming more common (and easy to make yourself) than ever before.

Expect to see more homes incorporate “smart” design in new, innovative ways this year.

Open-Space Floor Plans

Multi-purpose spaces are back as more than just a trend in commercial offices. Now, homes are being designed or renovated with an open-space kitchen, living room, and a combination of either dining room and bedroom as well.

This enables people to easily customize the space and repurpose it for large or small gatherings as needed.

Making the Bathroom a Place to Relax

While bathrooms can be made more relaxing with the use of scented candles, music, and so on, expect to see more of a focus on building or renovating them as more of a “zen” space to come home to.

Instead of just traditional fixtures, bathrooms are being made into their own personal spa-like spaces complete with small saunas, whirlpools, and hammocks.

This trend also includes painting bathrooms or using tiles that evoke serenity using lightly coloured materials.

Mixed Materials in Architectural Design

As we mentioned earlier, sustainability is an ongoing trend and with a range of environmentally-friendly materials to choose from. As such, many people are opted to combine a variety within their homes which often makes for more risky palettes, but in a bold, stylistic way.

The variety of textures can make homes feel like a vibrant, woven patchwork that has the added effect of being environmentally-conscious as well.

Sustainable 2021 kitchen design

More Frequent Use of White in Interiors

Bright colours are in, very bright in fact. Shades of white are expected to make a return in the interior design and style of homes for 2021.

Expect to see this on its own or paired with black or grey as highlights either as paint or décor to accent rooms.

Minimalism Takes Root in 2021 Architectural Design

Finally, minimalism is a new trend that’s gaining ground fast in new architectural styles with designs that only incorporate the essentials. This trend is by no means limited to home spaces either, commercial offices, shopping malls, and other areas are also taking part in this trend.

With sustainability still in high focus this year, many of the prominent trends are direct results of this, especially minimalism and using recycled materials. Expect to see new environmental-friendly design trends continue to pop up throughout 2021.



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