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What You Need to Know About Simple House Designs

Sure, those fancy houses in magazines look amazing, but they’re often out of most people’s price ranges. However, don’t let that discourage you from building your own home. Using simple house designs you can still construct a great home that’s under budget.

Below we discuss some of the main tips and facts you should know when thinking about building your own simple house.

Simplify Your Simple House Design

First things first, you need to be realistic. For simple home designs, you need to decide what’s really important to you, and what’s just “nice to have.” Not only will this help cut costs, but it will also inform you of the rooms that are the most important to you. For instance, maybe a nice kitchen is more important to you than a large, expansive living room or patio.

Simple small house

How the Overall Design of Your Home Affects Costs

The overall design of the home can make things much more affordable too. A square or rectangular home will be much easier to build than one with oblong-shaped rooms or curves. Simple designs and shapes will always make it easier to construct. The same is true for your roof. Curved or fancy roofs will generally cost more than simpler ones.

To simplify your home further, you can also group sections of your home’s systems together. For instance, placing bathrooms all near each other can reduce the amount of plumbing work needed.

Find Ways to Reduce the Size of Your Home

As we mentioned the overall shape of your home will matter when it comes to construction, but you can still reduce space when it comes to the interiors as well. If you were planning on a small home, consider the number of walls you need, in addition to the minimum square footage of each room. If you can reduce the number of walls you have, you can make building your home more affordable as well.

Making a simple home means getting down to what is essential in a home, and what isn’t. By finding that out, you can drastically cut down costs while still getting a home you look forward to living in each day.



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