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Top Architecture Trends for Hotels

Hotels, and the hospitality industry as a whole, are constantly adapting to new, modern styles to draw in more guests. Capitalizing on top architecture trends can mean greater interest from people driving by and also draw in more tourists as well.

Below are some of the notable trends of 2021 that you will likely see more of the next time you book a hotel.

Top Architecture Trend of 2021: Lobbies Turning Into Multi-Purpose Spaces

Once a simple waiting area for relaxing, lobbies are starting to be used as for much more than that. With many entrepreneurs and people working remotely, these spaces are becoming more than just a casual hang-out. Instead, lobbies are being designed to have separate areas for more formal purposes for businesspeople to do work in addition to casual spaces to unwind.

Among some of the features that are often being included include living walls, indoor waterfalls, and multimedia stations.

Spa-Like Bathrooms

Bathrooms used to be thought of as merely auxiliary rooms used for specific purposes, but that’s changing. Now, bathrooms are being turned into mini-spa spaces. Places that offer waterfall showers, his and hers sinks, beauty items, and over-sized bathtubs attract guests looking for that ephemeral style of luxury in hotel accommodations.


Hotel room using top architectural trends in its design

Blurring the Outdoors With the Indoors

Bringing the outdoors inside is also a popular trend of 2021. Many guests are looking for sensory experiences to complement their stay.

What this means for architecture at hotels are large terraces and decks, stone decorations, and lush greenery. It also means that building materials like wood paneling and flooring, and other materials that evoke the outdoors are also being used more frequently.

Sustainability and Green Features

Sustainability in construction has become a hot-button topic that continues to work its way into many industries, including (and especially) architecture. “Green” design not only is environmentally-friendly, it can actually save hotel owners money if implemented correctly and has the added benefit of making a hotel more attractive to guests.

Natural building materials, sustainable power sources like solar panels, and large windows to let in more sunlight are just a few of the ways sustainability and “green” features are being worked into the architecture of hotels.

Smart Tech

Everything is getting “smarter” and hotels are no different. Smart tech that enables guests to control things within their room like the lights, air conditioning, and other parts of their room are immensely appealing to visitors. Many of these kinds of technologies can even be controlled from apps on a guest’s smartphone.

All of these trends culminate in hotels feeling more like spas or resorts than simple one-night destinations to go to sleep. People want to feel more like they’re at their own home and small personalized touches can go a long way to leaving an impact on guests. Overall, people are looking for the best place to rest their heads at the end of the day that feel as much like coming back to their own home.



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