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How Smart Homes Are Changing

“Smart” homes are now incorporated into many houses both built and under construction, but that’s not always to a homeowner’s benefit. One of the biggest smart home precedents that’s being set is changing these smart homes from simply being connected with novelty features to tangibly useful.

Below are some of the biggest changes coming to smart homes and what we can expect to see in the future.

Changing “Smart” to “Useful” Through New Smart Home Precedents

Sure, you may have a washing machine you can control from your smartphone, but are you really using the best settings for that load? A lot of smart home technology has novelty settings where you can control appliances from your phone or other devices, but sometimes there’s no real benefit to do so.

Newer smart technology for homes is aiming to solve that problem and provide more tangible benefits from getting your home by focusing on usability. For example, your oven increasing or decreasing the temperature while cooking based on the recipe you’ve selected.

Young woman in smart home adjusting smart home settings on smartphone

Optimizing Homes for Sustainability

Speaking of heating and cooling, another smart home precedent that’s being set is a move to greater sustainability.

For example, smart washers and dryers that use less energy depending on the load, and heating and cooling systems that optimize energy use when you’re not home.

Other changes include a greater focus on health like warning you when your home’s air quality is poor or when filters need to be replaced.

Unification of the Home

Of course, all of these systems need to work together to truly optimize your home. Right now, homes are a jumble of devices from various companies—very few of which actually connect to each other.

The next steps, therefore, are to unify all of these devices under one piece of software to provide the opportunity to truly master and control your home domain.

While smart homes are connected, the technology is still being optimized to make it more useful within homes. Expect to see greater improvements in both unification and sustainability in the future.



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