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Cottage House Design: Retire or Vacation In Style


Is this the summer you are building your Okanagan lakeside cottage? Take these design concepts into account when creating your custom house plans with ADS. Creating a well thought out plan in terms of layout, design, accessibility, resale value and your carbon footprint go a long way in terms of maximizing your enjoyment and your value. Architecturally Distinct Solutions is the Kelowna architect team that takes pride in helping clients realize their dreams.


Optimum Cottage House Design Considerations


Are you seeking to go “off-the-grid?” ADS proudly offers Passive House Design options that can dramatically reduce your energy consumption during construction and for decades to come. Strategic window placement, superior material options and making the most of your landscape can greatly increase your enjoyment while lowering operating costs. If you love natural light, your window choices or skylight options can hugely reduce your electrical considerations.

Lakeside-cottage-home-design | Architecturally Distinct Solutions Kelowna

Smaller House Design Features


We tend to think of cabins as a smaller layout compared to our traditional homes. Of course, your cottage house design can be on whatever scale you choose. If you are seeking a tiny house design full of strategic storage solutions to create a spacious vibe, we have the expertise to transform the house design plans in your wildest dreams into reality. Less is becoming so much more. If you don’t want to spend your entire vacation cleaning and looking for your “stuff,” we can help! Imagine an organized and relaxing abode. If boating is part of your cottage house design, we can deliver the waterfront options such as a boat lift, marine garage and fishing dock right to your front door. Having a place to store your watercraft and subsequent life jackets, floaties, maintenance tools, etc. will greatly simplify your getaway.


Mobility House Design Considerations


Our gorgeous Okanagan Valley is home to a rolling landscape and some cliff-hanger locations! If you have found the perfect, private hideaway but are worried about traversing three hundred steps down to the lake, we understand! Gentle ramps, staircase elevators and multi-level decks are great options to break up the journey safely and efficiently. If this build will serve as your retirement home, it is essential to think about your future health and well-being. Architecturally Distinct Solutions proudly gives back to the community and we have implemented successful ramp options for many clients and companies to facilitate access for everyone.

lakeside-cottage-house-design | Architecturally Distinct Solutions Kelowna

Fall In Love With Your House Design


Planning your dream getaway, cottage house design or retirement villa is one of the most exciting parts. Our friendly and experienced team can help you ask the right questions to determine which scenario works best for you. Are you seeking a one-level, ranch style design with zero stairs? Do you want to go tall and skinny and have multiple levels to maximize your views? Are solar panels part of the roof you desire? We can provide you with a plethora of stylistic and energy saving options to help you meet your most important goals. Whether a tiny home is your dream or something that includes an extra suite for renting out or having room for company is more your goal, we can help you achieve it all.


Your Ideal House Design Plans Are At ADS!


We invite you to peruse our portfolio and our blog to see if we are the right fit for your next build. With decades of experience in residential, commercial, strata and lakeside living, our team is passionate about every project. Let us show you what we can do with your ideas!

Contact Architecturally Distinct Solutions in Kelowna today to get started on your cottage house design!