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Minimalist Architecture Designs For Serenity At Home & Work

Architecture has the ability to transform our perception, our organizational skills, and our lives. Minimalist architecture designs are becoming more prevalent in today’s expanding society. Having more and “keeping up with the Jones” is exhausting, superficial and time-consuming. Spending endless amounts of cash on the latest and greatest things, toys and experiences often leave many people in a rut. Working longer hours to pay for more stuff that they don’t have time to use anyway! Architecturally Distinct Solutions in Kelowna understands the freedom that comes with the “less is more philosophy.” Key elements for a minimalistic lifestyle include:


  • Love it or list it… don’t keep items (aka clutter) around for the wrong reasons. Purge and move on. If someone somewhere else will love the item, it’s time to pass it on.


  • Multi-purpose spaces, furniture and setting. Enjoying an atmosphere that is flexible and provides everything you need can be obtained with careful planning and architectural design. Sliding power sockets, moving walls, and hidden beds are great places to start.


  • Stop impulse design and shopping. If you really love an idea…sleep on it! Or keep the receipts in case buyer’s remorse sets in. Impulse buying is the fastest way to accumulate too much “stuff.”


Architecture & Your Peace Of Mind


Your Kelowna architect knows that creating a harmonious, functional space requires an honest assessment of key personality traits and self-reflection. This can be extremely difficult for people who are so busy keeping up appearances or pleasing others that they may not have taken the time to evaluate their inner goals, wishes and preferences. Simplifying your life and adopting a minimalistic lifestyle often starts with being present and focused. Determining what you think you need to succeed will help you secure the proper setting and happier lifestyle. Trying to create a natural oasis within the city core can still leave you with traffic, noise, air, and water pollution issues that may bring more stress into your life.

minimalism-design-Kelowna-architect | Architecturally Distinct Solutions

Minimalistic Architecture and Interior Design


Hidden storage and clean lines are integral parts of every tiny home and small space living. Architecturally Distinct Solutions has the experience and the knowledge to deliver the custom streamlined options you desire. From residential, commercial or strata building concepts, we have done it all! Innovative solutions are one of our many specialties! Contact us with your design dreams and let us help you transform them into reality.


Minimalistic Architecture Designs Save Time and Money


When everything has a place within your space, you won’t have to spend hours searching for items anymore! How much time and energy would you save if you implemented a strategic design? Regardless, if you are starting with new construction or trying to renovate an existing space, improvements are around every corner! Working with our professional team can save you time and money. Did you know that the City of Kelowna is waiving building permits on our approved RU7 multi-family design? If it is time to transform your original, inefficient home into a modern, tidy plan, we can help!


Incorporate Passive House Design Into Your Next Build


We are beyond thrilled to offer Passive House designation and design options for our clients. If “going green” and saving energy are vital aspects of your upcoming build, we can bring design potential to the next level. Saving the planet and your wallet is a win-win for everyone!


Contact ADS for more information on minimalistic architecture designs for serenity at home and work today! View our portfolio for some exciting design options and to see a sample of our accomplishments. We look forward to hearing about your design dreams!