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The Green Cities of Tomorrow, Today

There are plenty of reasons to build green cities. Combating climate change, creating comfort in your neighbourhood, and enhancing natural features (instead of fighting against them) are just a few of them. And since two-thirds of the world’s population will likely live in urban areas by 2050, many cities (like these ones) are working to create a greener future today.

But what about the Okanagan?

Canada’s Greenest Cities

Kelowna has consistently been ranked as one of Canada’s cleanest, greenest cities. Not to mention the great quality of life.

The nearby mountains, the lake, and the bustling bike paths and green spaces all contribute to the city’s unique atmosphere. But so do the buildings, landmarks, and the attitude of its people!

Passive Homes in Green Cities (like Kelowna)

Responsibility for keeping Kelowna green doesn’t just lay with the Government. Every home, car, park, school, and shop can make a difference to our tomorrow.

This is why new buildings are increasingly featuring passive design elements.

For more information about the role buildings play in our society, check out our previous blog “Architectural Design: Building a Better World Vs. a Better Building”.

Our innovative team focuses on complementing functionality and form with environmentally-friendly and sustainable features. We take advantage of Canada’s close ties to and relationship with nature in our designs.

Moving Towards Net-Zero Homes

Ultimately, our aim is to ensure that all new homes built by us in Kelowna by 2032 are net-zero ready. Net-zero homes produce at least as much energy as they consume.

The movement towards energy efficiency in home design and building is just one step towards a cleaner, greener future in Kelowna. But it’s an important one.

Passive House Design with Lime Architecture

We invite you to view our extensive portfolio to see examples of our work. If you are considering transitioning your current property into an RU7 site, looking to construct your own world-class winery or have a grand plan to build a passive condo, we’re here to help!