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Contemporary Architecture: The Current Architectural Style

There are many, many different styles of architecture out there, but one that continues to stay relevant is contemporary architecture. This is for a good reason. While it sounds like its own type, contemporary architecture is actually just the most current architectural style that incorporates the most recent trends for the year into its design.

We break down some of the additional details of the style and how to identify contemporary architecture.

What Can Be Classified as Contemporary Architecture?

Although we just said that contemporary architecture is really just the most recent style that includes the latest trends, it actually started in the 1960s. Contemporary architecture can often be defined as using unconventional, innovative approaches to design that focus on using creative ideas than replicating older styles.

Contemporary architecture in new Kelowna apartment building

What Are Some of the Defining Characteristics of Contemporary Architecture?

Here are some of the most recognizable aspects of contemporary architecture that you may see in buildings within your city:

  • Curved lines
  • Rounded forms
  • Unconventional volumes
  • Asymmetry
  • Free-form shapes
  • Open floor plans
  • A large number of windows that are larger in size
  • Green roofs and living walls
  • Integration into the surrounding landscape
  • Integrated smart home technology

As you can see, both being environmentally-friendly and using smart home technology are 2 of the most prevalent and recognizable trends in addition to using designs that are out-of-the-ordinary.

How Modernism Is Different From Contemporary Architecture

Modernism isn’t actually the same as contemporary architecture despite the fact that it sounds like it would be (using the word “modern” and all). Instead, modernism actually refers to using an emphasis on volume, asymmetrical compositions, and minimal ornamentation in design.

To clear things up a bit, a home can be modern without being contemporary and vice versa. New homes can also be modern, contemporary, or neither in their style and design as well.

Although it can get a little muddied in confusion, contemporary architecture is a great design choice for property and brings together some of the best elements of the modern world into its design.



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