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Architectural Design: Building A Better World Vs. A Better Building

For many decades, architects have concentrated their architectural design on densifying city landscapes with iconic buildings and structures. Architecturally Distinct Solutions in Kelowna understands the drive to bring balance into our busy lives by creating thriving city networks. Modern architectural designs that flow into the existing landscape and enhance its natural beauty as opposed to competing with it are common themes within a variety of our architectural design schemes. Creating vibrant, environmentally beneficial structures for people to live, work and play within the community has become a paramount feature. While independent and luxurious dwellings are still arising, the stream of connected consciousness and multi-generational residential and commercial spaces are becoming more prominent.

Smart Architectural Design Gives Back

Creating a home, office, commercial or institutional space that gobbles up resources and electricity all in the name of fancy design is becoming less popular within our global world. As cities look to densify, more individuals are considering living off the grid and taking charge of their carbon footprint. We can help you to create the functional space of your dreams and include smarter, passive house design options to help create a building that gives back to its natural surroundings. If it is time to build your lakeside cottage or retirement tiny home, Architecturally Distinct Solutions would love to hear what you have in mind!


Utilizing Underutilized Space in Architectural Design

The outskirts of major metropolises continue to expand as our global population rises. The hustle and bustle life of the city has caused many to consider different avenues for architectural design. City planners can look at locations with steep slope applications, poor soil, sparsely populated,  disconnected, drought dominant locations and land that has previously been avoided for certain projects. By looking at the future forecasts regarding growth, many of these outlying areas will be thriving community neighbourhoods in the coming years. Using innovative architectural design to solve dilemmas of less than ideal locations and transform them to meet their phenomenal potential is one of the goals of modern architecture.

Bring Your Architectural Design Ideas To ADS!

Your creative vision has the ability to enhance your overall mental, physical and emotional health. There is more to architectural design than meets the eye. Incorporating a pristine aesthetic that combines function and sustainability, personalized to your vision is beyond satisfying. Architecturally Distinct Solutions has proudly been transforming client’s dreams into realities for decades. We bring our experience, knowledge and passion to every project and look to exceed customer expectations. We are excited to hear about your next residential, commercial, industrial or institutional architectural design.


ADS: Kelowna’s Architectural Design Team

We invite you to view our extensive portfolio to see examples of our work. If you are considering transitioning your current property into an RU7 site, looking to construct your own world-class winery or would like to create a passive house design condo, we can help you every step of the way!

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