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House Plans For Multi-Purpose Millennial Style

The world is evolving and so is the way we live. Excessive square footage and inefficient home designs are on their way out. Organized, multi-purpose spaces within the urban hub are becoming the norm in terms of millennial house plans and home design. Creatively having access to everything you need within a streamlined and minimalist design is becoming one of the new hallmarks of this design era. Architecturally Distinct Solutions can make your Okanagan tiny home dreams come true.

Millennial Home Design Desires

Affordability and efficiency are among the top ideas that come to mind with millennial house plans. Living in a smaller dwelling space means utilizing what you have to the fullest. Creative storage including hidden ceiling beds, sliding walls, dual capacity workstations and multi-purpose furniture are becoming more popular. Lower footprint living offers many advantages. Helping our planet out with renewable building materials and recycling where possible dramatically saves on numerous levels.


Smaller House Plans Equal More Freedom

Consuming less electricity, water and utilities by changing our daily habits can translate into enormous financial savings. Having to heat a giant house or having an abundance of windows that need to be regularly maintained or replaced, soon adds up. Millennial’s are entering homeownership looking for lower maintenance, smaller spaces that they can completely personalize and enjoy with less stress. Smart home designs feature strategically placed windows and doors to help you maximize daylight while mitigating heat loss. ADS is always excited to hear what our clients have in mind. Having the latest SMART home technology and the ability to control heat, lights, electronics and every feature from the touch of a phone is also a top priority. Enjoy more financial freedom by spending less on bills and transportation due to a tinier footprint within a centralized location. Passive House design services are now proudly offered by ADS and can help you transform your next build!

Personal Touches In Smart Home Design

Customizing a small space takes some soul-searching in order to be truly successful. Evaluating your habits, your goals, your hopes and your dreams are essential for creating a smaller space that works. Understanding your preferences and taking an honest stock of your current lifestyle can help you negotiate the finer details to incorporate into your home design. Architecturally Distinct Solutions looks forward to exceeding our client expectations. Our professional team has the home design solutions you are seeking for every size.


Discover Your Dream House Plans With ADS

Architecturally Distinct Solutions has decades of knowledge to bring to your next residential, commercial, or institutional build. House plans for multi-purpose millennial style can benefit every demographic. If you are ready to incorporate efficiency and affordability into your new home design, we would love to be involved! Take a few minutes to peruse our portfolio for some exciting design examples. It is never too late to increase the efficiency of your home or office.

Contact our office to get more information. Regardless if you are a millennial or not, building your dream home can be greener and more energy-wise than you ever imagined!