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How Architectural Solutions Are Helping Global Air Quality


Our planet is ever-evolving and continuously growing population wise. Architectural layout plays a huge role in urban, commercial and rural development. Ideally, creating something that harmonizes with the landscape on all scales as opposed to just aesthetically, contributes to a building’s lasting effect within a  community. Architecturally Distinct Solutions has the design solutions and the expertise you need for creating plans for any residential, commercial or industrial project.

Vertical Tree Forests May Become Familiar On Global Landscapes

Adding more greenery is a welcome sight to most concrete jungle atmospheres. The smog and pollution issues around the globe that have been ignored by many has become increasingly prominent in cities over recent decades. It is becoming harder to dismiss the new information that poor air quality causes increased cancer risks, low-birth-weight babies and detrimental effects on the brain. Depriving our bodies of clean oxygen is anything but beneficial. While the elderly, young and those with respiratory issues may be among the most devastated, more “perfectly healthy” individuals are becoming affected. Homeowners with yards can freely add certain plant and tree species; however, those living in condominium towers need alternative green space. Architects are designing smart buildings and adding square footage to include vertical forests as a popular design alternative.


Roof-Top Gardens & Green Spaces

Architecturally Distinct Solutions in Kelowna recognizes the importance of mitigating urban sprawl and helping to enhance our city’s layout. More vertical structures are including roof-top patios, community gardens and food forests to offer residents and even those on their lunch breaks some respite from the noisy, busy city. Incorporating a Zen Japanese garden with water features, wall fountains and ponds is a great way to invite nature (birds love the sound of running water), while drowning out the sound of traffic or loud neighbours. Our team is always happy to listen to your concerns and offer specific solutions to help you create the home or office environment that you desire. Hopefully, our society can incorporate more nature into our development plans to enable us all to breathe easier. After all, more construction and denser population often mean established trees are removed without a second thought in order to create a flat grade for concrete construction. Replanting and thoughtful urban design are essential to everyone’s future.

Smog Free Air Purification Towers

The summer of 2018 showed Kelowna and the Okanagan Valley what it would be like to live in Beijing. The forest fires raged and we lost thousands of hectares of precious trees. While our residents and tourists suffered and many were unable to leave their homes, the reality is that this could one day become the “norm” in Canada if we are not extremely careful. There are current projects in place to rid Beijing of their catastrophic air quality. The Chinese Government is supporting the “Smog Free Project” with a key invention being hailed as the “largest air purifier in the world.” Imagine how many lake views would potentially be lost throughout the Okanagan if we needed to resort to this measure. Making space within the city hub for giant air purification machines and re-configuring the Official Community Plans to accommodate this giant apparatus is the last resort. Let’s work together to fix the issues sooner than later!


RU7 Designs To Stop Urban Sprawl

The City of Kelowna has designated certain RU7 neighbourhoods for future construction. Building up and not out is one strategy; however, many people still prefer a home and a backyard, as condo living is not always conducive to pet-lovers and young families. Architecturally Designed Solutions is thrilled to be involved in this development strategy. Our award-winning design is being included in this exciting process. Smaller spaces can accommodate families comfortably and affordably. The intuitive design combined with specific building materials can provide solutions to our housing crisis. If you are within the proposed RU7 area and would like to participate, we’d love to hear your thoughts! Working with the community is something that ADS has been passionate about since day one. We look forward to helping you create a harmonious landscape to thrive in! We are all in this together Kelowna! Let’s unite to keep the Okanagan healthy, happy and desirable. Contact us today with your design plans and our innovative, experienced and professional team can deliver the answers you need.