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Promoting Productivity Through Innovative Office Design

There’s little doubt that the design of your office affects the amount of work achieved in it. That’s what the research says at least.

Office Design Productivity Research

A 2014 study highlighted that plants and greenery within an office can increase productivity by up to 15% – while increasing staff happiness.

Natural light and access to health and wellbeing services can also increase staff productivity, according to Spaces – a Dutch collaborative workspace startup that recently took up residence in the Centre for Innovation (we designed) in Downtown Kelowna.

Simple Hacks That Will Promote Productivity

Optimizing Space

Making the most of your space makes good business sense. And it’s a greener business decision – since buildings contribute to carbon dioxide emissions.

But cramming in employees like tinned sardines won’t help productivity. So, where’s the best middle ground?

Ensure that you have various spaces within the office for things like collaboration and meetings, focused individual work, talking on the phone, and vegging out or eating.

Workspace Design – The Best Desk Layout for Productivity

There’s no one design for a workspace that will increase productivity – otherwise everyone would be using it! The following factors do impact performance though, so try to optimize these within your office:

  • Clutter and rogue cables decrease productivity;
  • Comfortable and ergonomic workstations increase productivity;
  • Standup desks (or the opportunity to move around) increase productivity; and
  • Sparking excitement with the aesthetics will increase (Those Insta-worthy desks aren’t just pretty; they help people get it done!)

How Can We Improve Your Office Space?

Our team knows how to optimize your space for productivity. We know that it takes more than a cookie-cutter approach since every business (and every employee) has unique needs.

We factor research and your unique needs into our stunning designs – as well as the future-ready principles of passive design.

Get in touch today to see how a greener, more productive workspace could benefit you!

Or, if you just want to read more about building a Zen workspace, check out the blog we wrote earlier on that topic.