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Where Old and New Collide: The Intersection of Smart Tech and Green Design  

With so much talk about “going green” and reducing environmental impact in recent years, “smart green buildings” have been popping up more and more. Green building is specifically defined by the Environmental Protection Agency as “…the practice of creating structures and using processes that are environmentally responsible and resource-efficient throughout a building’s life-cycle from siting to design, construction, operation, maintenance, renovation and deconstruction.

So then, what are smart green buildings? We answer that below and why you’d consider constructing them or turning an existing green building into one. 

Solar panel on smart green building

Improving Existing Green Buildings by Upgrading Them to Smart Green Buildings 

While green buildings are much more predominant than they were several years ago, many are held to different standards and built with differing building practices. Primarily much of the focus is on design and materials, and while both should still be considered, smart green buildings focus on leveraging technology in addition to green building features.  

The next major shift these smart buildings with use is adapting to changes within the building and responding accordingly. This includes systems like heating and air conditioning and using data to form models for long-term use and minimize energy use. Smart tech in buildings will also help in identifying signs of failure or degrading systems faster. 

Using Data to Automate 

Essentially, green buildings can become even more efficient – and therefore less damaging to the environment – by using smart technology. Installation of technology in buildings that monitor key systems can not only guide future decisions through forecasting but also find areas of improvement within systems that aren’t optimized.  

This culminates in a building that is not only adaptable and responsive to allocate resources where it needs them but also using data to make itself even more self-sustaining. 

Ideally, we’ll reach a point where buildings are entirely self-sustaining through both energy collection and automation of resources. However, until that point is reached, smart green buildings are an innovative step forward in the right direction. 



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